Lisa & Nicole were asked to investigate an undisclosed location in Indiana with fellow American Spectral Society members.  Stay tuned for some evidence!  It was an eventful night!

01/15/17  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It has been a busy year for Lisa & Nicole.  Lisa has been making movies and running investigates while Nicole ended up getting married!

We have updated the site tremendously!  Check out the evidence page for new links for Crown Point Jail, Gettysburg, Lincoln Theater, Ashmore Estates, Old South Pittsburg Hospital, Mansfield, and Rotary Jail.  

Lisa and Nicole were featured in an online article regarding real life women ghost hunters.  Check us out: 

These 8 Bad-A$$ Women Are Real-Life Ghostbusters

Nicole was also featured in the Chicago Sun-Times on Halloween telling her favorite ghost story of Resurrection Cemetery.  Check out the online version or an uploaded print copy below.

 Who you gonna call? Chicago ghost hunters’ favorite locations

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Welcome to Ghostly-Voices.com presented by Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito.  We have uploaded some of our best audio evidence from around the country.