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October 2019

Old Joliet Jail Audio Evidence Updates!

Summer 2018

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather!  We will be updating the website shortly with evidence from investigations.  Over the past several months, we have traveled to Randolph County Asylum and Monroe House.   We will be back at Crown Point Jail in several weeks.  Our big trip will be investigating the Squirrel Cage, Malvern Manor, and Villasca Axe Murder House in Iowa in August.  STAY TUNED!  


We are updating, updating, updating!  Currently, we are working on the Monroe House and Watseka House evidence pages with audio and video from using the Kinect to capture figures on screen!  Check out the pages!

Lisa and Nicole were featured in an online article regarding real life women ghost hunters.  Check us out: 

These 8 Bad-A$$ Women Are Real-Life Ghostbusters

Nicole was also featured in the Chicago Sun-Times on Halloween telling her favorite ghost story of Resurrection Cemetery.  Check out the online version or an uploaded print copy below.

 Who you gonna call? Chicago ghost hunters’ favorite locations

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Welcome to presented by Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito.  We have uploaded some of our best audio evidence from around the country.