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Lisa and her sister, jennie, specialize in residential real estate in Indiana. However, they're not opposed to helping you grab that commercial building for your dreams, either! Let them help you bring your dreams to life, home or business!!!  Click on the picture above to go to their website.  

June 2022

Craig Telesha has recently created the Paranormal Research Instrumental Communication (P.R.I.C.) device and the team will be using it to conduct experiments. We have posted some audio samples from using this device for the 1st time at Mineral Springs Pool!

This is a brand NEW crafted piece of equipment.

Thank you CRAIG!

Getting ready to get together at Troy Taylor's Haunted America in late June!

There are updates from Mineral SpringsCrown Point Jail, and Charity House Cemetery (NOLA) with more audio and Estes Method evidence!!!

October 2021

Listen to Lisa & Nicole on Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast speaking about EVPs and Estes Method!  Link on Amazon Music:  Paranormal Podcast.  

August 2021

New audio evidence of remote Estes Method sessions and a June 2021 investigation at Crown Point, Indiana!!!

April 2021

More remote Estes Method experiments to be uploaded soon!  Check out the Transphasmo Chatterbox created by Jim Williams!   >>>>>>>>

January 2021

Listen to Lisa and Nicole on Nicole Strickland's The Afterlife Chronicles Radio Show talking about their adventures and the Estes Method.  

December 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Here's to a better 2021 with more ghost investigations!

Check out updates using Estes Method from Will County Historical MuseumBellaire House and Randolph County Infirmary (May 2020)and audio evidence fromBachelor's Grove Cemetery & Joliet Prison Sept 2020.

October 2020

It's the most wonderful time of the year......

Happy Halloween Season! 


July 2020

Listen to us talk about our Estes audio evidence from Haunted Voices Radio with Todd Bates!  It was a great time and look forward to doing it again in the near future!


Lisa and Nicole were featured in an online article regarding real life women ghost hunters.  Check us out: 

These 8 Bad-A$$ Women Are Real-Life Ghostbusters

Nicole was also featured in the Chicago Sun-Times on Halloween telling her favorite ghost story of Resurrection Cemetery.  Check out the online version or an uploaded print copy below.

 Who you gonna call? Chicago ghost hunters’ favorite locations

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

Welcome to presented by Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito.  We have uploaded some of our best audio and video evidence from around the country. We are the first paranormal team to perform remote estes method