• Whispers Estate Lisa Clip0:08

In the following clip, everyone was upstairs in the Master Bedroom using the Ghost Box and it says, "Lisa," referring to one of the investigators, Lisa Krick, during a session.

  • Whispers Estate Attic Breath0:03

The next clip is also from the same room in the attic after the scurrying noise.  You will hear a weird breath in the background after Al is talking about what is behind them.  This was not heard in real time.

  • Whispers Estate Attic Scurrying Long Clip0:27
  • Whispers Estate Attic Scurrying Short Clip0:02

This following clip is extremely weird.  While ASS members and guest investigator Dean'a Coffman were investigating in the attic, a weird scurrying sound was captured on the audio recorder right next to Nicole.  It sounded like someone ran past by her and no one was moving.  We have never captured anything like that.  I sounds like it started by the door and ran into the room and into the corner.

  • Whispers Estate Waiting Room Long EVP0:07
  • Whispers Estate Waiting Room Short EVP0:01

In the following clip, Lisa and Nicole just turned on the audio recorder and you will hear a female robotic voice saying, "I'm back in here," after Lisa talks about a rubbing from a gravestone in a case.

  • Whispers Estate Child Laugh EVP0:04

In the following clip, Nicole forgot that she left her audio recorder on and was walking upstairs with the rest of the group to the 2nd floor children's area.  You will a distinct child's laugh followed by Nicole talking.  There were NO children on the investigation.

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