• Waverly Hills Weird Vibration0:11

In this following clip, a strange vibration sound is heard while Nicole, Lisa, Erica Behringer, and Rob Johnson are performing an experiment down the 1st floor hallway while wheeling a gurney to the morgue to see if anything happens.  At this point, Nicole's recorder is stationary.

  • Waverly Hills Laugh EVP0:08

In this clip, Lisa is joking around talking about spiders after the group had just seen one.  Lisa says, "Go to the spiders," followed by a weird laugh not made by any members of the group.  Nicole is walking through the 1st floor hallway near the entrance of the death tunnel when this clip occurs.

  • Waverly Hills Cough #10:10
  • Waverly Hills Cough #20:07
  • Waverly Hills Coughing0:16

Throughout the investigation, the group kept hearing bouts of coughing in real time in various areas of the building.  The following are some clips of coughing heard in real time from the 1st and 2nd floor.  Erica Behringer obtained a list of some of the names of nurses, doctors, and patients at Waverly Hills.  Many responses were heard in real time when Erica called the name, "Gertrude Barber," a nurse.

  • Waverly Hills Play Voice0:28

After the 4th OR session, the group moves down the hallway where a lot of noises and coughing were heard earlier.  Nicole literally turns on her recorder and hears a voice say, "Play," heard in real time by her and Rob Johnson.

  • Waverly Hills No EVP0:11

waverly hills 2

In the following clip, Nicole and Catherine Nunes are pretending to be nurses at the 2nd floor station.  Nicole asks, "Is there anything we can get you?" followed by Catherine saying, "Anything to help you get your sleep tonight?" followed by a woman responding, "No," not heard in real time.