• Thomas House Outdoor EVP0:26

For those of you who know Nicole and Lisa, Nicole is a city girl and does not fare well in the country.  Lisa is a little better and doesn't get freaked out by animal noises.  While conducting an EVP session outside near the pool in which a child drowned with Jeanne Chilton from PRISM, we captured a voice that sounds like, "Trip," or "Drip," after she asks, "Can you tell us who you are?"  The background noise is crickets and other bugs in TN at night. 

  • Thomas House Jesus Clip0:11

The Ovilus loved repeating Jim's name, but also said Jesus a few times over the three days.  Here is a clip of one of the times.

  • Thomas House Jim #10:09
  • Thomas House Jim #20:04
  • Thomas House Jim #30:13

During our stay, the Ovilus seemed to like fellow GRS member, Jim Piscopo.  It often stated his name as seen in the following clips.

  • Thomas House Shorts Response0:07

This is a funny clip that captured an interesting response from the Ovilus.  Nicole asks, "If you can hear me?  What am I wearing?"  Lisa and Lauren start laughing, but the Ovilus quickly responds, "Shorts," to the question and yes Nicole was wearing shorts.

  • Thomas Hallway No EVP0:08

In this one, we're (Lisa, Lauren, and Nicole) are still in the long hallway and Lisa asks, "are you in Room 41?" The answer, which was not heard in real time, was "no".

  • Thomas House Church EVP0:09

Across the street from the house is an old church now used as an antique store.  We managed to capture some audio evidence from that location as well.

The next clip from the church is an unknown response to Nicole's question, "What religion are you?"'  We have enhanced the audio to make it louder, but have not edited it in any other manner. 

  • Thomas House Breathe EVP0:03

We had the opportunity to spend three nights at this wonderful bed and breakfast partaking in many EVP sessions.

In Room 41, Lisa asks, "Name one of our names," and we captured a female responding, "Let them breathe," not heard in real time.

thomas house

The Thomas House, in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, was built in 1890 and originally known as the Cloyd Hotel.  It was built and owned by Henry Cloyd.  Folks would flock to Red Boiling Springs because of the medicinal benefits of the minerals in the water.  The area became famous for its water and its hotels. 

The Thomas house boasts 14 guest rooms and has two wings.  The original structure was wooden and has seen many changes over the years.  However, the facade has remained unchanged since the 1920's.  The bricks used to build the Inn were molded and fired on location. 

Although the Inn has changed hands several times since it was built in 1890, it came back to the Cloyd family again in the 1970's when Evan Moss bought it and operated it for several years as a boys camp called Mossy Creek.  For some time after that, the hotel sat silent and empty.  The Cole family bought the hotel in 1993 and began to lovingly refurbish and restore it.