• St. George Center Whoosh EVP0:06

  • St. George Center Yell EVP0:06

  • St. George Center Hide EVP0:03

St. George center for the arts

The next clip is Erica Behringer speaking about something she saw move in the distance.  You will hear a weird whoosh noise while she pauses when speaking.

To this day, Lisa and Nicole have not experienced crazy filled experience of the basement of the theater.  For forty five minutes with photographers Erica Behringer and Rob Johnson, we heard noises and bangs from all around us, saw objects moving, and seen the apparition of a young boy.  We tried to radio to other members of the GRS team, but the walkie talkies never transmitted the information.  Here are some of the clips from that experience.

The first clip is Rob Johnson stating, "Mr. Sneaky Pants is down here somewhere," followed by a yell off in the distance not heard in real time.

Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito captured this quiet voice saying, "Hide," or "Hi," in the front hallway while conducting an EVP session.  Throughout the night, we kept hearing strange bangs and noises from around the theater.  This was not heard in real time.

The Alan and Adrianne St. George Center for the Arts is located in Savanna, Illinois on the third floor of the Facemakers, Incorporated building.  The building, originally the Avenue School, was slated for demolition and the St. Georges bought it, already seeing possibilites. 

The first and second floors of the building were originally classrooms.  They are now occupied by Facemakers, which is the largest manufacturer of animal and mascot costumes in the United States.  The third floor, originally a music room and administrative office for the school, has been converted into a theater, complete with full stage, auditorium, makeup rooms, scene shops, prop room, and a costume room.