• Robinson Bowling Alley Alarm0:16

During one of the investigations, an unknown alarm came on across the bowling alley.  The owners have never heard that noise before and it did not come on again with any following investigation.

  • Robinson Bowling Alley Miss EVP0:06

On the same night also captured on Nicole Tito's video camera was a male voice saying, "Miss," when no one was around.

  • Robinson Bowling Alley Breath #10:04
  • Robinson Bowling Alley Breath #20:04

captured that same evening were two different breath sounds on Nicole Tito's video camera located in the hallway along the bathrooms.  No one was near the area at this time.

Robinson bowling alley.

There is not much history regarding this location in Southern Illinois, which has been investigated by Ghost Research Society multiple times in the past few years.  It now serves as a bowling alley, pool hall, bookstore, and radio station of United Talk Radio with a cemetery housed across the street. 

Hauntings include shadow figures that dark across the bowling lanes as well as in the bookstore between the cases.  In the bookstore, a man claimed to be hit by a book flying off the shelf.  The hallway by the bathrooms seems to be active as well with people spotting more shadows in this area.  In the pinsetter area, people often become uncomfortable and hear a young child humming and/or singing.  There have also been reports of pins mysteriously falling over and pin machines turning on by themselves.