while conducting the remote estes method experiment, a voice was captured on the video not heard in real time (evp) saying, "watch," at 12 seconds followed by a disturbance in lisa's video.  lisa has some interesting responses over the box after the voice.  as you can see from the video, lisa (on the left) and al (bottom right) are the receivers with blindfolds while jim (top right) and nicole (bottom right) are asking questions.  

in this remote estes method experiment clip, lisa and nicole are the receivers, but lisa gets a lot of responses asking for al to switch spots with nicole.  

these events occurred during the 2020 corona pandemic so the team was unable to travel and see each other for ghost investigations.  the team decided to try a remote estes experiment and received some interesting results.  lisa krick and jennie krick were at randolph infirmary in indiana conducting an investigation while nicole & al were at home in northern illinois and jim williams was at home in northern indiana.

randolph county infirmary may 2020