prospect place

  • Prospect Place Horse Response0:05
  • Prospect Place Ride Response0:04

While conducting an EVP session in the barn, the Ovilus states, "Horse," followed by "Ride," several minutes later with the Ghost Radar.

  • Prospect Place Ghost Response0:17

After the scratching and odor SMELL in the cellar, the team ran a Ghost Box session.  Lisa asks, "Do you know anyone here?"  The box replies, "Ghost."

Prospect Place mansion located in Dresden, Ohio was built in 1857 by George Adams in the Italianate/Greek Revival style.  It's a lovely old 29 room mansion which is purported to have been a part of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War.  The home stayed in the Adams family for nearly 130 years. 

The mansion was purchased by David Longaberger of the Longaberger Basket Company in the hopes it could be turned into the corporate offices for the company.  However, Mr. Longaberger died before he had a chance to realize his dream.