• Private House #2 Moans0:37

Upstairs in the master bedroom, Nicole Tito, Dale Kazcmarek, Joey Tito, and Lauren Kasmar hear strange moans coming from an unknown location.  This is the only time it happened this evening and sounded like it was coming from the upstairs bathroom.

private house #2

This private home investigation is in Northern Illinois in a newer subdivision with the original owners although the land had previously been owned by another individual.

The owner believes there may be multiple spirits in the house including a young boy, young girl, and a former family member.  The hauntings began happening after the owner started writing a novel about her childhood and has spoke of a past history of using Ouija boards.  Most of the activity seems to bother one of the members of the household while leaving the other people alone. 

The individual has been shadow figures throughout the house and often feels like she is being watched.  Strange noises include crying, growling, footsteps, and whispers all around the home.  Unknown odors include smoke and body odor in a newer home.  The owner refuses to sleep upstairs in her bedroom as one evening s/he was awoken violently with her bed shaking.  It appears that the spirits are especially aggressive and sometimes hostile to the one owner.  It had been investigated in the past by another ghost team, but no report was given back to the owner.