• Private House #1 Stop Response0:32

Upstairs again in the master bedroom, Nicole and Lisa bust out their singing skills to have the Ovilus burst our bubble and say, "Stop."

  • Private House #1 No EVP0:05

Upstairs in the master bedroom, Lisa Krick asks, "Do you know ring around the rosie?" and receives a breathy, "No," response not heard in real time.

  • Private House #1 Loud Bang0:26
  • Private House #1 Quiet Bang0:16

Loud bangs were a common occurrence to the owners at this location.  Nicole Tito and Lisa Krick captured a loud bang and quiet bang during an EVP session in the basement. 

private house #1

This private home investigation doesn't have much history that we could find.  The location is in Northern Illinois in a fairly new subdivision.  The owners of the home are only the second owners of this dwelling.  The phenomena they are experiencing began in 2009.  As of the present time, the occurrences are still happening.