private hospital

  • Operating Room Breath0:06

Nicole Tito captured the following clip both on her audio recorder and video camera upon setting up her equipment in the operating room with fellow members, Lisa Krick and Sandy Weber.  You will hear a weird breath noise not heard in real time followed by Nicole setting down equipment and saying, "Alright."  The EVP session started just seconds after this clip.  At this time, we did not ask any questions. 

  • Day Room Hospital EVP0:06

Nicole Tito and Lisa Krick captured this EVP when they first turned on their recorder in the day room after Nicole experienced hearing a male voice in the hallway nearby just minutes earlier.  At the beginning, you will hear a quiet male whisper followed by Nicole turning on the Ovilus.  We are not sure what the voice is saying.

For legal purposes, we cannot disclose the name or location of this hospital.  Suffice it to say that it was built in 1913, had renovations and additions in 1957 and closed its doors somewhere around 1995, but I cannot find concise evidence of the actual close date. 

This hospital was frightening and amazing in that it still had equipment, patient files, cleaning supplies, and miscellaneous items still littered all around the building.  We saw actual patient files scattered all over the area on all floors of the building.  Truly disturbing!