• Paris Hospital ER EVP0:08

In the old ER, Lisa asks, "Where you were come back please," followed by a female whispering something unknown then GRS member, Sandy, saying, "It's me," referring to the noise she made moving around.  Nicole thinks the voice may be whispering, "I can go for a blanket."

  • Paris Hospital Aww EVP0:11

In the old ER, Lisa is talking about the evidence already captured followed by a voice not heard in real time saying, "Aww," during an EVP session.

  • Paris Hospital Possible Response0:07

In the old ER, Lisa states, "I'm guessing one of you flips in and out," referring to the number of spirits in the room followed by a funny response from Ghost Radar.

  • Paris Hospital None Response0:26

During the same session, the spirits really don't want to talk to us as stated in the Ovilus response.

  • Paris Hospital Satan Response0:10

During an EVP session in the old ER, Nicole Tito states, "Make that light go up all the way to red, just stand by it.  It won't hurt you."  Followed by Lisa saying, "We think."  The Ovilus states something funny after that.

  • Paris Hospital Go Response0:19

Lisa asks in the old OR, "If you want us to leave this room, you better give me a clear cut sign that you want me gone," followed by a response on the Ghost Box, "Go." 

  • Paris Hospital Yep Response0:08

This next clip is from the same session in the old OR.  Lisa asks, "Are you the one that has been stealing drugs from the drug supply room?" followed by a quick response on the Ghost Box, "Yep, yep."

  • Paris Hospital Neither Response0:25

After the initial clip in the old OR, Lisa asks, "Is that why the patient died because you were high on drugs?  Or just because you were incompetent?"  The Ghost Box has a response, "Neither," in a quiet voice afterwards.

  • Paris Hospital He's Dead Response0:33

This first clip comes from the old operating room on the top floor.  Lisa Krick asks, "Doctor, can you help us?  This patient is dying," followed by a clear response on the Ghost Box that says, "He's dead." 

paris hospital

Hauntings include shadow figures seen on the staircases, especially on the 2nd floor.  There are reports of disembodied voices and EVPs in various parts of the hospital.  Figures have been reported standing in the windows most notably the operating rooms on the top floor.