• Owen County Poorhouse Please Don't Response0:15

Lisa tells the box that it better start talking to Rob or he is going to beat him up followed by the response, "Please don't."

  • Owen County Poorhouse Krick Response0:11

Lisa then asks, "What's my last name?" followed by a quick response, "Krick!"

  • Owen County Poorhouse Lisa Reponse0:06

Lisa asks the box, "Can you tell me what my name is?" followed by a distinct, "Lisa."

  • Owen County Poorhouse Good Luck Response0:12

The next clip Rob Johnson says, "I'll be the shit out of you right now," followed by a response of, "Good luck," from the box.

  • Owen County Poorhouse F* You Response0:14

The following are clips from the Ghost Box session done later in the evening returning back to the men's holding cells.    The first clip Lisa reports that Rob will be taking over the job as the security followed by the box saying, "F*ck you."

  • Owen County Poorhouse Conversation0:13

This is difficult to hear, but as Rob Johnson is discussing history regarding the poor house, Nicole, Erica, and Lisa hear a conversation occurring outside the women's cells.  No one is present, but if you listen closely you can hear conversation in the background.

  • Owen County Poorhouse Response0:21

During the same session, Lisa, Nicole, Rob, Mike, and Erica hear a long, drawn out breath while Rob is discussing the poor house heard in real time, which makes him stop talking immediately.

  • Owen County Poorhouse Breath Response0:22

During the evening in the men's holding cells, the Nicole, Lisa, Erica, Rob, and Mike all hear a breathe or groan sound in real time while discussing about the possible mistreatment of the individuals at the house. 

  • Owen County Poorhouse Squeak Response0:15

At the beginning of the investigation during an EVP session in the basement, Lisa, Nicole, Rob Johnson, Erica Behringer, and Mike Lewis kept seeing shadows and hearing noises in the various parts of the basement.  Rob decided to enter the adjacent room to attract any activity.  Nicole's recorder captured a squeak or yell at the end heard in real time.

This was an extremely eventful night with most of the activity occurring in the outside holding cells with noises and shadows seen in real time.  Enjoy the evidence.  Warning: some clips may contain vulgar language that is offensive to others.  Some of these are difficult to hear so we recommend you wear earphones and increase your computer's volume. 

owen county poor house