• Old Catholic Rectory Bitch Response0:24

Although no EVPs or disembodied voices were captured here.  The Ovilus spoke a lot here in the phonetic mode often wanting us to go up to the attic.  At one point, the Ovilus swore at Nicole during a session calling her a bitch twice as seen in the clip below. 

old catholic rectory

Our Saviour Catholic Church, more affectionately known as the Old Catholic Rectory, was built in Jacksonville, Illinois in 1895.  However, it wasn't the first building on the site.  The land was initially owned by Civil War Governor Richard Yates, who had purchased it in 1847.  He lived on the site for two years and then built the Yates mansion next door to where the Rectory now stands.  Governor Yates sold the land to James Ewing, who held the deed until 1895, when it was sold to the church and the Rectory was built. 

The Rectory closed its doors in 1995 and has been undergoing renovations since that time.  It's listed on the National Historic Register and is considered to be one of Jacksonville's most historic sites. 

According to the legends, there are five spirits who are said to linger here.