nemacolin castle

  • Nemacolin Help Me0:03

Another interesting clip captured at the Nemacolin Castle was a male voice saying, "Help me," on the audio portion of Nicole's video camera.  No one was in the room at this time and Nicole had left several minutes before to change her disc.

  • Nemacolin Victorian Room Breath0:11

Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito were beginning an EVP session in the Victorian Room when you will hear a loud breath by the recorder followed by Nicole making a noise as she tries to sit on the ground. 

Although the original part of the castle was built in 1789 by Jacob Bowman, it appears this area had been settled nearly 2000 years prior by the Adena Indian Tribe.  In fact, it's said that Nemacolin Castle was built right over the top of one of the tribe's burial mounds.  The area is so steeped in Native American history that the Castle itself is named after Chief Nemacolin, a Delaware Indiana who trailblazed a route in 1740 through the Laurel Highland Mountains to the area that later became known as Brownsville, Pennsylvania.  He actually helped the white settlers set the course of what is now called US 40, or the National Road. 

Three generations of Bowmans lived in the dwelling, adding on to the tiny original home that Jacob had built.  The house looks much as it has since the 1850's.  The dwelling boasts 22 rooms and much of the original family furniture. 

Since the 1960's, the castle has been owned by the Brownsville Historical Society and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The castle reports at least ten spirits in residence.