in the two pictures below taken back to back by lisa krick in the cafeteria, the second picture clearly shows a black shadow entering the frame.  lisa and nicole were the only two people in the cafteria at this time and were seeing shadows and having strange feelings occur.  

in the picture below taken in the psych ward, there is a definite shadow person in the doorway that lisa did not notice when the picture was taken!

  • Moundsville Cafeteria Humming0:10

Sitting on opposite sides of the cafeteria, Nicole and Lisa were seeing shadows darting back and forth between them.  In this clip, Nicole captures someone humming quietly while they are discussing the lights.  This is difficult to hear so we recommend headphones to listen.

  • Moundsville Wagon Gate Noise0:11

Lisa Krick is reading off a list of names of the people hanged at Moundsville.  You will hear an interesting reaction after she reads off the first name down by the Wagon Gate.

  • Moundsville Ovilus Response1:11

The Ovilus has an interesting conversation when Nicole, Lisa, and Lou Hovanes are conducting a session in Red's Cell. 

  • Moundsville Hallway EVP0:18

Lisa and Nicole were conducting an EVP session in the hallway and captured an interesting voice.  Lisa asks, "Is it raining?"  Nicole responds, "Is it what?"  Lisa states, "Raining?"  Nicole replies, "I didn't think so," with Lisa saying, "You hear it?"  Nicole says, "No," with Lisa stating, "It sounded like it was raining against the window."  After our discussion, you will hear a voice whispering, "No more please," that we did not hear in real time.


Moundsville State Penitentiary opened its doors in 1866, building upon land owned previously by the Adena Indians.  This tribe had used the lands for their burial mounds.  Indeed, it has been said that the prison was built directly over the top of one of these highly religious and sanctified places.   

Moundsville closed its doors in 1985, leaving behind 119 years of extremely negative energy, as the United States Department of Justice said it was on their Top Ten Most Violent Correctional Facilities list.  Setting aside the legitimate business of death in the form of hangings and electrocutions performed by the state, as in any prison system, there were bouts of internal violence so heinous that it left a definite imprint that still lingers within the building today.