in this clip, the group was talking about an experiment that they did earlier and a screech is heard in real time around 3 seconds in the upstairs bedroom.

warning: vulgar language.  be advised.  

in this clip, lisa is just about to begin an ouija board session in the downstairs living room.  at approximately 5 seconds, there is a female voice that says, "noooo,"  not heard in real time.  

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monroe house may 2018

in this clip, the girls (lisa, nicole, and erica) were upstairs conducting an evp session when they think the boys were coming upstairs to meet them as they were hearing footsteps.  

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in this clip, the group (jim, al, lisa, sherry, and nicole) are talking about who was just in the bathroom.  there is a male voice not heard in real time that responds, "i was in there too," after lisa talks about her being in the bathroom.  

in this video clip, the windowsill falls off in the 2nd floor bedroom while the team is doing an evp session.  other members are in another room working with an ouija board and rush in when they hear the noise.  

warning: vulgar language.  be advised.  

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