• Mineral Springs Handsome Response0:11

In this clip, you will hear Lisa Krick ask, "Are you behind Dale?" as we were getting energy spikes in the hallway outside the room upstairs.  You will hear the Ghost Radar reply, "Handsome."

  • Mineral Springs Nicole Response0:12

Dean Thompson from Alton, IL asks, "Do you know one of these two girls' names?" and the Ghost Box replies, "Nicole," while upstairs in the former apartments.

  • Mineral Springs Whisper0:10

While investigating the upstairs in the old apartments, investigators kept seeing shadows and hearing footsteps off in the distance.  In this clip, you will hear Dean Thompson say, "SHHH," followed by an unknown male whisper off in the distance say something like, "Didn't hear something," not heard in real time.  Then, Dean responding, "That way where I saw the shadows, I just heard two footsteps."

  • Mineral Springs No EVP0:07

In this first clip, you will hear Nicole ask, "If you're dead, you're dead, right?" followed by a quiet, response, "No," not heard in real time in the bedroom in the upstairs apartment with an alleged suicide.

mineral springs hotel part 2