milton school

This second clip comes from the girls' locker room in the basement of the Milton School.  The Ghost Radar says, "Bent," followed by Lisa asking what it said.  Dale Kaczmarek clarifies the word and soon after that you will hear a male whisper, "Bent."  Dale is the only male present and this was not heard in real time.

  • Milton School Locker Room Bent0:12

This first clip is from the girls' locker room in the basement.  The GRS group kept seeing shadows in the corner so Lisa and Nicole were joking about the shadow coming out to get them and how it wouldn't want to keep either one.  They begin to laugh and a creepy, mechanical voice laughs with them, which was not heard in real time.  WARNING: Explicit language present in clip.

  • Milton School Locker Room Laugh0:17