mcpike mansion

  • McPike 2nd Floor EVP0:17

Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito were conducting an EVP session on the 2nd floor landing when Lisa Krick asks, "If there is a message that you want to give someone, this is the time to do it," followed by "Texas chainsaw massacre going on in the background," as we heard a chainsaw in the distance.  Then, we captured a male voice saying, "It's Jake," not heard in real time. 

McPike Mansion, located in Alton, Illinois is a lovely Italianate structure that was built in 1869 by architect Lucas Pfeiffenberger for Henry Guest McPike.  The home was built on 15 acres of gorgeous land known as Mount Lookout Park.  This was the McPike's country home until 1936. 

The house has changed homes several times since McPike owned it, but has been unoccupied now since the 1950's.  There is now extensive damage to the stately old structure.  The current owners, Sharon and George Luedke, are in the process of lovingly restoring it to its former grandeur.