• Mansfield 4th Floor Footsteps0:36

Throughout the night, Lisa and Nicole kept hearing things either right above or below them on the cell blocks.  In the clip below, Lisa, Nicole, and Cabo Mike are walking along the 4th floor cell blocks and keep hearing footsteps right above them.  No one was around at this time.  WARNING: Foul language contained in clip.

  • Mansfield Breath EVP0:07

While performing an EVP session on the 4th tier, Nicole asks, "What's your name?" followed by a breathy response.

  • Mansfield Alarm0:12

The following is a strange clip.  Joey Tito had just witnessed a pair of hands grabbing onto one of the cell bars as him and Nicole walked down the tier.  They were discussing this at the end of the corridor while Nicole's audio was running.  In the background, there sounds like a PA system running as well as an alarm.  This was not heard in real time.

  • Mansfield Moan0:09

On the 4th floor later in the evening, Lisa, Nicole, Joey Tito, Cabo Mike, Jim Grazyck, and others were setting up an EVP session to begin.  Nicole happened to already start her recorder and captured a moan off in the distance heard in real time.  WARNING: Foul language.

mansfield august 2012