• Library Oh Man0:19

while jim williams, crystal williams, al grajek, & nicole are walking to the library.  nicole captures an unknown voice on her recorder not heard in real time at 11 seconds that sounds like, "open," or  "Oh man."  

while investigating the toilet room, jim sitting on a stage starts to get nervous when it makes a creaking sound, but something doesn't want him to get off because you can hear an unknown voice at 11 seconds say, "no," not heard in real time.  

nicole hears a noise while up on the tier with jim, al, and crystal.  she asks, "is it you?" referring to a noise she heard down the tier and there is a response not heard in real time at 4 seconds that says, "no."

while walking the tier, nicole captures a strange laugh not heard in real time at 3-4 seconds.  

  • Toilet Room No0:14

Mansfield REformatory 2016

  • Tier Walk Laugh0:18

  • Tier Walking No0:16