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Malvern manor august 2018

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in this clip, al is whistling and after he completes the song, there sounds like an older male saying, "hey," at approximately 11 seconds not heard in real time by other team members.

it is very quiet so headphones are recommended.  

in this clip, lisa and nicole are upstairs walking in the hallway discussing a former sensitive patient situation (rape) at malvern manor.  at approximately 8 seconds, there is a voice that says, "hey," not heard in real time.  

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In this clip, lisa, nicole, jim, and al are upstairs in susie's room before conducting an evp session.  unfortunately, there was a concert next store outside in the park so there is loud background music.  at approximately 13 seconds, there is a male voice not heard in real time that says, "it is only a man."   jim and al were not talking at the time and do not sound like this individual.