we love the Lincoln theater because there is never a dull moment!  Nicole and lisa were downstairs in the basement performing an evp session when you will hear a little girl talking before joey says, "there is a line for the bathroom."  the voice was not heard in real time and it sounds like she is saying, "you are not supposed to be here." 

  • Last Session Bang0:00

  • Last Session Knock 10:00

Now, we all move upstairs (Nicole, john, jim, and al) to investigate the footsteps that we just heard.   as we are standing onstage, we hear a loud bang on the door that leads back downstairs. 

  • Downstairs Bathroom Girl0:00

Ghostly Voices

After hearing the loud knock, we all begin to heard loud footsteps above us on the stage.  we then all go upstairs to investigate. 

  • Last Session Footsteps0:00

​​​Lincoln theater 2016

We were just about to leave for the night and there were just 4 of us left while we were sitting downstairs in dressing room when we all heard a loud knock on the door upstairs.  no one else was in the building.