• Lincoln Theater Dressing Room EVP0:11

  • Lincoln Theater Catwalk EVP #20:16

  • Lincoln Theater Catwalk EVP #10:06

In the next clip from June 2008, Nicole Tito is alone in the dressing room while Sherry Stednitz was returning from a bathroom break.  You will hear Nicole ask, "How many of you are there here?"  followed by Sherry opening up the door.  At this point, you will hear a voice whisper, "I can't breathe."  This is the location where people died from a fire. 

The second clip occurs just minutes later up in the Catwalk after we began seeing shadows by the door.  Nicole asks, "Were you just by the door?"  followed by an unknown gasp.  Then, a male whisper saying, "I did to pieces," not heard in real time. 

The next two clips are from June 2008 upstairs in the Catwalk area with Nicole Tito, Joe Tito, and Sherry Stednitz.  Joe Tito states, "Turn the lights off in here," followed by a weird male voice not heard in real time.  We are unsure of what he is saying. 

  • Lincoln Theater Basement EVP0:13

While downstairs in the basement, Nicole Tito and Sherry Stednitz were conducting an EVP session when Sherry announces, "Oh," followed by Nicole asking, "What?"  She states, "Something poked me," and her friend stating, "Oh no."  Then, a weird female voice whispering, "I did this," not heard in real time.

lincoln theater 2008

The Lincoln Theater is located in Decatur, Illinois.  However, before the Lincoln graced us with her majestic presence, the site was held by the Priest Hotel, which was built by Franklin Priest in 1860.  The hotel changed hands (and names) several times throughout the years and was destroyed by fire in 1904.  Although fire took the structure, it was quickly rebuilt and open to the public once again.  Bad luck was awaiting the building a few years down the road, because on April 21, 1915, the building was enveloped in flames once again and this time the fire was so hot that the entire structure was gone in the space of minutes.  Several people lost their lives in this fire. 

In 1916, the Lincoln Theater was built on the site of the former hotels.  It was a magnificent dame who saw host to many famous people such as Al Jolson, Bob Hope, Harry Blackstone, and possibly Harry Houdini.  When vaudeville fell out of style and moving pictures became all the rage, the theater was refurbished to accommodate.  However, even the movies couldn't keep the old girl in enough revenue to stay open.  The theater closed its doors in 1980 and except for a few performances here and there, remained vacant.  A restoration group has recently taken an interest in her and is trying to restore her to her original opulent grandeur.

The Lincoln Theater has been rumored to be haunted as early as the 1930's and is still considered an extremely active location to this day.

The Lincoln Theater has proven to be an awesome place for EVPs!  Here are some clips from our visit back in June 2008.