In this clip, Nicole, Al, and Rob are walking through the cafeteria and you will hear a loud growl not heard in real time around 14 seconds.  

IN this clip taken in the west shower block shower room, nicole, rob, and al are sitting around talking about the situation.  at 3 seconds, you will hear a breath that is heard in real time.  

  • Cell Yell0:08

Old Joliet Prison 2018

  • Hospital Honk0:19

  • Cafeteria Growl0:21

IN this clip, you will hear nicole walking in the west cell block while rob and al are ahead of her and at 4 seconds, a weird yell/noise in the background not heard in real time.  

IN this clip, nicole, al and rob are sitting in a solitary cell in the hospital building.  rob knocks on the wall and after this at around 9 seconds, you will hear a voice say, "honk," that is not real in heard time.  

  • Shower Breath0:16