The following is a clip from nicole's static sony  nightshot camera shooting down the hallway. 

Look down the hallway and see a thin, black shadow peering out the left side door at 3 seconds.

  • Illinois Beach Resort Haunted Room Response0:21

The clip comes from within the infamous haunted room in which a person mysteriously died.  You will hear Nicole Tito ask, "Do you want us to leave?"  followed by an interesting choice of words from the dictionary mode using the Ovilus.  Fellow Ghost Research Society members Lauren Kasmar, Joey Tito, and Artie Schram were also present.  The funny thing about this clip is moments before we were all talking about getting dinner since we were hungry and we are known to be loud at times!

Illinois Beach Resort

Located on Lake Michigan in Northern Illinois, this location truly is breath taking.  In 1948, the state created Illinois Beach Park to preserve the natural beauty of the land including the dunes.  Although the area provides spectacular views, there are several interesting events occurring on or near the property.

One death involves a man committing suicide in his truck in front of the property for no particular reason.  Another death involves a woman becoming decapitated after a tree fell on her during a scenic walk.  There have been documented reports of a body of a man washing ashore as well as recently a poor individual dying in the workout room while running on the treadmill.  There are also accounts of a war plane crashing near the area into Lake Michigan.

Employees and guests of the resort claim to see a woman walking along the beach that vanishes into the night.  Other people report strange feelings in the workout room where the man had a heart attack, especially those who use the treadmill where he met his untimely demise.  There is also a long hallway near the boiler room in which many employees see shadows and have uncomfortable feelings as if they are being watched.  Some claim another mysterious death occurred in one of the rooms.  Other rooms in basement have been hot spots for activity with employees claiming they left equipment in one spot only to find it moved later on.  The Illinois Ballroom is also claimed to be haunted as a young girl died and the family waked her body in this area.