• Hillview Manor Moan Response0:15

The group is setting up an EVP session in the 3rd floor hallway.  Shortly after Nicole says, "Why is this not working?" there is faint moan followed by a team member making a thump noise.  Lisa asks a few seconds later if anyone heard a moan.

  • Hillview Manor Huh Noise0:19

In the next clip also during the same session at the 1st floor nurse's station, Nicole, Lisa, and Al hear a "Huh" noise after Nicole asks, "What do we look like?"

  • Hillview Manor EVP0:03

In the following clip, Nicole literally turns on her recorder at the 1st floor nurse's station which proved to be an active location.  Nicole, Lisa, and Al heard many strange noises in real time and often saw shadows in the hallway.

hillview manor