Sitting at the foundation of timbers farm, you can hear rene kruse talking in the background and wind followed by a laugh at  3 seconds  not heard in real time.

before lisa begins to talk, you can hear a quiet whisper say, "hi."  this occurred again on the trolley trail at dusk.  

  • Timbers Farm Help0:08

  • 0:23

  • Timbers Farm Laugh0:05

while walking to the foundation of timbers farm through the high grass, nicole has her audio recorder going and captures a male voice saying, "help," at 5 seconds that was not heard in real time.  


rene kruse is talking about a figure commonly seen walking down the trolley trail.  then, a male laugh, not heard in real time occurs at 12 seconds.

  • Trolley Trail Hi0:09

  • Trolley Trail Male Voice0:13

Joey tito hears a quiet whisper while at the irish brigade after rene says, "we are home."  this is difficult to hear and recommend wearing headphones.  

While on the trolley trail at dusk, the group is discussing what they just heard and saw and at 6 seconds, you can hear a male voice say something that is not heard in real time.  we are unable to determine what he is saying.


  • Irish Brigade Whisper0:17