• Geek Bar EVP0:08

the following clip is from the very first evp session in the basement when nicole literally turns on her recorder.  as she is tagging the members there,  a female whispers, "that hurts," which was not heard in real time.

  • Geek Bar I Don't Know Response0:20

in the following clip in the basement boiler room, nicole asks, "what was in this spot?" to the ghost box.  it responds, "I don't know."

  • Geek Bar Rob Response0:12

the next occurs in the same previous sessions in the closet using the ghost box.  the spirits seemed to like both employees brittany an rob during the investigation and calls out rob's name during this clip.

  • Geek Bar Nope Response0:02

the next clip also involves the ghost box in the closet room.  rob asks, "do you want everyone to leave?" and the ghost box promptly responds, "nope."

  • Geek Bar No Response0:08

This next clip occurs in the downstairs basement inside one of the closet rooms and after nicole asks a question, you will hear a distinct, "No," response on the ghost box.

  • Geek Bar Asshole Response0:18

The following clip is from the ghost box downstairs in the boiler room.    if you listen closely, it calls rob, the manager at geek bar, an asshole two times when scanning the frequencies in the same voice. 

geek bar