Ethyl's party bar

In the following clip below, ASS members were again down in the basement.  A few minutes before, Nicole's brand new batteries were completely drained from her audio recorder and she had to change them.  Now, Nicole asks the question, "Did you drain my batteries?" followed by a woman's voice that says, "Hi."  Nicole was the only female investigator on this investigation.  The following background noise is other members of ASS talking as Nicole literally turned on the recorder after the batteries were drained. 

  • Ethyl's Party Hi0:13

In the following clip below, ASS members were down in the basement investigating a small room where members were hearing strange noises and seeing shadows.  All the members of the group hear a weird, "Whoo," noise around them that could not be explained.

  • Ethyl's Party Whoo Clip0:19

Ethyl's Party, formerly known as Tito's on the Edge, due to its border between Chicago neighborhoods Chinatown and Armour Square, was known as Coletta's Funeral Home that originally opened in 1908.