• Edinburgh Manor Breath Clip0:25

The following clip is from the laundry room in the basement where Nicole, Lisa, Jim, Lou, and Al were performing an EVP session.  Lisa and Nicole hear a loud breath behind Lisa that upon review does not sound like the wind.

  • Edinburgh Manor Moan0:11

This first clip is the from 1st floor supposed suicide room where an individual was found to have hung himself from the door frame.  Lisa Krick, Nicole Tito, Jim Gracyzk, Lou Hovanes, and Al Grajek were investigating the location and heard a moan in real time.

  • Edinburgh Manor Boiler Room EVP0:12

This clip is very interesting.  Nicole, Lisa, Lou, Jim, Al, and Erica Behringer were investigating the boiler room in the basement.  It was a windy night so there is banging in the background.  However, Erica says, "I know there is a fleshy out there," referring to other members in the separate part of the basement.  Shortly after that, a male voice replies, "A fleshy," that is none of the people in the room.

edinburgh manor