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Debunking Frogs


Debunking Bats

When you capture that EVP during your next investigation, take a step back and analyze whether it can be explained by something natural.  Is it a moaning or grumbling sound?  This could be explained by a person’s stomach or other bodily parts making interesting noises.  Does it sound like someone gasping for air?  This could be explained by a person breathing heavily, a yawn, or a hiccup.  This is where tagging during the session is extremely important, but even if you tag, you will still have to determine if the sound originates from something natural or supernatural. 

We find it important that the person who conducted the EVP session is also the one who reviews it again.  It allows you to immerse yourself back into the environment and situation often reliving a piece of it in your mind.  Play attention to people’s tendencies and your own.  Do you like to twiddle your hair, pop your knuckles, or sniff a lot?

Below are some clips from Lisa and Nicole from various investigations through the years of natural occurrences.  Many of these noises sound paranormal, but thanks to good investigation techniques, Lisa and Nicole accurately tagged the noises making reviewing the sessions much easier. 

Can you debunk your recording?

Ghostly Voices

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