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In this clip, lisa, nicole, jim and al are standing in the 1st floor hallway talking about their placement.  al reports that he hears a breath in real time followed by a male voice at 8 seconds, not heard in real time that states, "uh huh."  it  sounds like it is reacting to what al is saying.  

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in this clip, lisa and nicole performing the estes method (listening on headphones) while al and jim are asking questions on the 2nd floor cellblock.  nicole and lisa are in unison regarding which cell number the inmate is in.  remember, they are unable to hear each other as they are both on headphones and sitting apart from each other!  

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in this clip, lisa is performing the estes method (listening with headphones) in the 1st floor hallway of the jail while jim and al are asking questions.  lisa has several interesting responses and seems to be having a conversation with those asking questions talking about how someone is getting beaten at the jail.  

in this video clip, there is a breath not heard in real time at 3 seconds while the group is investigating the 1st floor women's cellblock.  

in this clip, nicole and lisa are performing the estes method (listening with the headphones) while jim and al are asking questions in the 1st floor hallway.  during the experiment, nicole and lisa are getting a lot of response regarding something that wants to talk to jim and says it is standing right by them!  

in this clip, the crew was conducting an experiment in the 1st floor women's cellblock near the cell of the inmate, anna, that murdered her children.  nicole and jim are reacting to something that they saw on jim's thermal camera.  the 1st box is the long version and at approximately 14 seconds, a female voice says, "jim," not heard in real time.  the 2nd box is the shortened version.  recommend wearing headphones as it is difficult to hear.

warning: vulgar language.  be advised.  

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in the first clip, al and jim are performing the estes method (listening on headphones) while nicole is asking a question.  she asks the spirits to say the number 5 in their ears while listening to the spirit box.  nicole asks while they are in the 1st floor hallway.  the 2nd box occurs shortly after this session when the team moves upstairs to the 2nd floor cellblocks.  al, who is on the headphones, immediately responses with the number 5 as they start a new estes method experiment.  


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