• Cheney Mansion Yes EVP0:15

In Dorothy's room, Lisa asks, "can we talk about these family documents again?"  At that point Nicole's K2 meter blips up and she says "yes?" and then you hear a breathy "yes," that we didn't hear in real time.

  • Cheney Mansion Animal Noise0:30

During the same EVP session as mentioned above, Nicole Tito, Lisa Krick, and Cheney guide Carol hear an interesting animal sound.  Perhaps the ghost of a late cat?

  • Cheney Mansion Footsteps0:54

While conducting an EVP session in the upstairs bedroom with Cheney Mansion guide Carol, Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito begin hearing footsteps above them in the attic.  Throughout the night, no one was allowed up there for safety reasons.  Although we do not recommend whispering during sessions, we whispered at this time to hear the footsteps above us and not ward off the spirits!

cheney mansion

The Cheney Mansion, located in Jerseyville, Illinois, began life as the "Little Red House" and was constructed in 1827.  It was the first "frame" structure in Jerseyville.  The building has served many functions ... a tavern, stagecoach stop, bank, station in the Underground Railroad during the Civil War, a doctor's office, and a private home.  The Cheney family owned the residence from the 1850's until around 1877.  There are still Cheney family artifacts within the home.  The building is now owned by the Jersey County Historical Society.