• Brumder Mansion EVP0:22

This clip you will hear Nicole Tito ask, "What's your name?" inside the Marion Room with Lauren Kasmar and Lisa Krick followed by a quiet voice say, "Yes," not heard in real time.

  • Brumder Mansion Overnight Bang #10:15
  • Brumder Mansion Overnight Bang #20:08

For those of you brave enough to sleep overnight in the Brumder Mansion, Nicole Tito captured two loud bangs on her audio recorder as she peacefully slept through the night in the Marion Room although fellow member, Lauren Kasmar, awoke both times when hearing the bangs.  The first one is loud and then it sounds like something got dragged across the floor.  The second one is quieter and appears closer to the recorder. 

  • Brumder Mansion Ovilus Response0:20

While Lisa Krick, Lauren Kasmar, and Nicole Tito were using the Ovilus in the Marion Room, they received a few interesting responses in dictionary mode.  It is important to note that there is a haunted room in the Brumder Mansion called Emma Room, in which we had captured EVPs earlier that evening.

  • Brumder Mansion Yes EVP0:16

Also captured in the Emma Room, Lisa Krick asks, "Who in this room that smokes cigars?" followed by a quiet whisper at the end that says, "Yes," not heard in real time.

  • Brumder Mansion Nice EVP0:09

Lisa Krick is commenting on how much she likes the closet in the Emma Room followed by Nicole Tito responding, "Oh," afterwhich a quiet voice whispers, "Nice," not heard in real time.

  • Brumder Mansion Basement EVP0:10

This occurs during the same basement EVP session as mentioned above.  There is a weird voice captured that we have not figured out what it is saying.  Nicole thinks it may be saying, "Let's get them out," or "Let's get them up," but it is difficult to determine.

  • Brumder Mansion Screech EVP0:11

Lisa Krick, Lauren Kasmar, and Nicole Tito were conducting an EVP session in the basment of the Brumder Mansion and noticed a cold spot, but could not detect the change in temperature in the Melmeter.  You will hear Nicole and Lisa discussing the temperature in the background followed by a closer screech not heard in real time near the audio recorder. 

Brumder Mansion

This beautiful 1910 Victorian, Gothic, English Arts and Crafts style mansion is now a lovely bed and breakfast in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The house was built by George Brumder, Sr., for his son, George, Jr. and his wife, Henrietta and their 11 children.  The family enjoyed the house for about 10 years and sold it after Henrietta died in the early 1920's. 

The house was sold to Sam and Ed Pick, who had been nefariously linked with the Chicago Mob.  The basement ballroom that Mr. Brumder had so lovingly built was turned into a literal den of iniquity when the Pick brothers used it to distribute black market alcohol, host illegal gambling, and offer the services of prostitutes.  The Pick brothers came into some bad luck and had to sell the house in the mid 1930's to raise money to pay off their debts.  The house then changed owners once again.

The next owners were an English couple.  They turned the home into a boarding house to help with the general upkeep.  They owned the house for about thirty years. 

The Lutheran church bought the mansion in the 1960's and was used as a parsonage.  It's also noted that the church used the building to take in wayward youth on occasion.  The building had such expensive upkeep for the church that in the mid 1990's when the central heating system broke down, the church had to let the dwelling go. 

In 1997, the building was bought by Carol Hirschi, who began the Herculean task of turning the house back into the gorgeous jewel it was originally to be.  In 2008, she sold the mansion to the current owners, who continue to make the mansion shine. 

It is reported that there are five to six intelligent entities still "living" in the mansion.