• Bobby Mackey's Yelp #10:16
  • Bobby Mackey's Yelp #20:12

While in the men's bathroom, Lisa and Nicole encountered two weird yelp noises heard in real time. 

  • Bobby Mackey's US Response0:16

During the box session in the Faces' Room, Nicole asks, "Where are you from?"  The box sounds like it says, "Here," then "US," and finally answers, "Yes."

  • Bobby Mackey's Happens Response0:09

Before Lisa and Nicole begin the box session, Lisa asks, "What happens in this room?" and the Ovilus comically replies, "Happens."

  • Bobby Mackey's Bitch #2 Response0:05

Now, Nicole Tito asks the box, "Do you have a message that you want to tell someone?" and the box responds again, "Bitch."  Guess it didn't like us!

  • Bobby Mackey's Bitch #1 Response0:13

While using the Ghost Box in the Faces' Room downstairs, Lisa Krick asks, "What is my name?" and it the box responds, "Bitch."

  • Bobby Mackey's Weird EVP0:05

The next clip is an interesting noise not heard in real time when Nicole Tito began the EVP session in the cashier's room.  We are not sure what the noise is at this time and the background hum is an ice machine. 

  • Bobby Mackey's Thumps #10:07
  • Bobby Mackey's Thumps #20:37

Throughout the EVP session in the upstairs apartment, Lisa and Nicole heard thumps and noises around them including footsteps above them (the roof) and inside the room.

Bobby Mackey's

The land on which Bobby Mackey's Music World sits in Wilder, Kentucky has a varied and violent past.  The land where the basement stands today was originally used by the government to house military criminals.  So begins the bloody and harsh history. 

The building was then bought and used as a slaughterhouse in the early 19th century.  Again, blood, death, and destruction.  The slaughterhouse closed in the early 1890's. 

It sat empty for a time, during which it's purported that people used the abandoned building as a place to practice the dark arts, because it had a well which dumped right into the Licking River, thus destroying all evidence of wrongdoing.  The satanic group, however, was exposed in 1896 when it was discovered they were involved in murder. 

Pearl Bryan was part of a prominent family who lived in Greencastle, Indiana.  From all accounts, she was a lovely, popular girl who simply fell in with the wrong men.  She met Scott Jackson, a dental student in Ohio, through a mutual friend and little did she know that Mr. Jackson was an occultist.  Mr. Jackson was a charming fellow and seduced Pearl with little effort.  She became pregnant.  Mr. Jackson suggested they travel to Cincinnati where an abortion would be performed in short order.  In February 1896, Pearl, five months along, told her parents she was going to Indianapolis.  Instead, she made plans to meet with Jackson and his roommate, Alonzo Walling, in Cincinnati.  That was the last time her parents saw her alive.  After the three met in Cincinnati, they traveled to Kentucky near Fort Thomas.  It was in this spot that Walling and Jackson severed Pearl's head from her body using dental tools.  Pearl's body was found less than two miles from the abandoned slaughterhouse.  Her head was nowhere to be found and she was identifed by her shoes.  Her head was never found and legend holds that it was used during a satanic ritual at the slaughterhouse, dumped into the well, and then lost.  Walling and Jackson were quickly brought to trial and found guilty of the murder.  They were sentenced to hang for their crime.  However, they were told that if they would disclose the location of Pearl's head, they would not be hanged but live their lives in prison instead.  They refused and hanged on March 21, 1897. 

That's where the story of Pearl Bryan ends, but not the ghastly history of the location.  The slaughterhouse remained empty for many years.  In the 1920's, it was finally torn down and a roadhouse was built on the location.  Rumor has it that there were murders committed at this speakeasy during this time, but that the bodies were dumped elsewhere to distract from the illegal gambling and drinking being done during this time. 

In 1933, Buck Brady bought the building and renamed it Primrose.  His business thrived for a few years and then came under the attention of the Cincinnati Mob.  They moved in on him and began strong arming him in order to get a piece of the action.  Because he refused them, his business was vandalized and his patrons began being threatened and beat up in the parking lot.  Over time, the mob wore him down and finally he sold out to them.   As he left the business, he swore the place would never thrive again as a casino.  Buck Brady committed suicide in 1965.

In the 1950's, the building was renamed the Latin Quarters and openend as a nightclub.  During the 50's, the owners were arrested several times on gambling charges.  Apparently, Brady's prediction was coming true.  It is also during this time that the owner's daughter, Johanna, fell in love with one of the singers at the club and became pregnant.  Her father was furious.  And, since he had mafia connections, he had the singer killed.  Johanna was so overcome with anger and grief that she tried to poison her father and then take her own life.  She was unsuccessful in killing her father, but her body was found in the basement and it was noted that she was five months pregnant. 

In the 1970's the building got another owner and became the Hard Rock Cafe.  However, that didn't last long, as it was closed down by authorities in 1978 due to fatal shootings taking place on the site. 

That brings us to the present owner.  Janet and Bobby Mackey purchased the building in the spring of 1978 and turned it into a popular and successful bar called Bobby Mackey's Music World.  Mackey had already made a name for himself as a recorded Country Music Artist.  Although the bar is thriving, it hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows.  Carl Lawson was the first person Bobby hired when he bought the place.  Carl was a handyman and caretaker at Mackey's.  He lived in the apartment above the bar and spent a good deal of time, day and night, inside the sprawling building.  Carl began to see and hear things inside the building that he couldn't explain.  Others thought he was crazy until they began to experience this phenomena for themselves.  As a matter of fact, Janet, Bobby's wife, had experiences of her own.  She was pushed down the front stairs when she was five months pregnant.  However, Bobby Mackey claims never to have had a single strange experience inside the bar and insists that it isn't haunted.