in this clip, a bat or moth flies into frame

when asking questions, be prepared on who might answer you!

this is what happens when jim tries to sell you at a jail for a pack of cigarettes.   payback!  .

  • 0:43

  • Boiler Room Farts0:00

be careful who is recording you!  the team spent the night in the haunted monroe house and there was a lot of loud snoring going on!

Al grajek ate too much before this investigation resulting in unpleasant occurences

  • Dog Blooper0:05

  • 0:34

  • Bad Acting Blooper1:05

Lisa and Nicole should never quit their day job and pursue an acting career.  Trying to role play in the Lover's Hallway at the Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs, TN.

  • Spider Blooper0:42

Nicole and spiders don't mix.  She really hates them! 

  • Moundsville Gunshot0:11

Beware of your surroundings.  Never know when you are going to hear a gunshot off in the distance at Moundsville. 

  • Cheney House Blooper1:12

Lisa Krick is so loud when she screams!

  • Thomas House Door Clip1:05

Nicole needs lessons on how to open a door at the Thomas House in TN.

  • Cell Phone Blooper0:36

Spooky sounds may not be paranormal, but coming from our own personal electronic devices, such as cell phones.

  • Joey Farting Blooper0:30

Make sure to always tag your EVP session because you never know what bodily functions will occur!

  • Dale Bangs Elbow Blooper0:37

Make sure other teammates are not around when performing an EVP session, especially if they bang into something right after you ask a question.

  • Bat in OR Blooper0:15

Beware the flying bats!  We have encountered many in various locations.  Here is a clip from Waverly Hills and Nicole freaking out.

  • Dressing Room Blooper0:32

Lisa Krick has a tendency to scream VERY loud when startled.  Here is another clip of her getting scared while sitting in Bobby Mackey's basement in the pitch dark.

  • Raccoon City Blooper1:03
  • Raccoon City #2 Blooper0:33

Nicole Tito doesn't claim to be a country girl.  When Nicole and Lisa's friends encounter raccoons at Black Moon Manor in Greenfield, IN, chaos ensues and Lisa's sister, Jennie, can't stop laughing.

Roaming through dark places and spending hours on end being quiet, there are certainly times when mistakes happen.  Here are a few of Lisa and Nicole's favorite bloopers from various investigations throughout the years!  We do warn you that some of these contain profanity.