• Black Moon Manor Breath0:20
  • Black Moon Manor No EVP0:09

Upstairs in the first bedroom during an EVP session, Nicole Tito heard a voice in real time.  In the clip, you will hear a breath at the beginning followed by Nicole's response to it.  Right after this, Lisa Krick asks, "I think whoever said hi to Nicole needs to go stand beside her and put your hand on her shoulder," followed by a quiet voice saying, "No," not heard in real time.

  • Black Moon Manor Nicole Response0:06

In the following clip, Nicole Tito asks the spirits to come by her machine with the green light on it.  You will hear people talking in the background, but after Nicole asks the question there is a breathy response of "Nicole."

  • Black Moon Manor Male EVP0:08

While conducting an EVP session in the Blood Splatter Room (we know, what a great name), Lisa Krick asks, "Am I having gas or is that you?"  followed by someone in the room laughing.  However, the end response is a weird, robotic sounding voice that we have not determined what it is saying. 

  • Black Moon Manor Dog Bark0:10

Several of us were sitting around talking about previous evidence collected and Nicole Tito captured a dog bark on the recording in an upstairs bedroom.  The interesting thing is the house has a past of dog abuse from a previous owner.  We did not hear this in real time.

  • Black Moon Manor Well Room EVP0:10

While sitting the the Well Room taking a break from asking questions, a strange female voice says, "Rest and relax," thAT the group did not hear in real time. 

Black Moon manor

Built in 1862 by John Eastes, Black Moon Manor was the first house constructed in Hancock County, Indiana.  Since that time, it has had a strange and often frightening history.  Used as a smallpox hospital during one of the local outbreaks in the early 1900's, legend tells of more than 200 deaths within the walls of the house.  Those victims were buried behind the mansion and some of the tombstones still stand in this small cemetery today. 

The current owner, Matt Speck, stumbled onto the manor while looking for an abandoned property that he could turn into a commercial haunted house attraction.  He bought the house after searching for the owner for two months.  During the renovations, unusual things began to happen ... disembodied voices were heard, objects were thrown, tools disappeared, Matt was shoved while walking down the stairs, his girlfriend was scratched after someone in the room used blatant provocation, and there was a constant feeling of being watched.  Since opening the attraction, others have also reported real supernatural events ... the "haunted house" was actually haunted!

Sadly, this location has now been demolished.