Bartonville Hospital

  • Bartonville Hospital Purr Response0:13

Rob is asking, "When's breakfast guys, about 7 AM, right?" followed by a purr type response captured on the recorder heard in real time by all in the group.

  • Bartonville Hospital Yell Voice0:13

Rob and Erica hear a male voice captured on the audio recorder while walking down the 2nd floor hallway that appears to be yelling, "Help," heard in real time.

  • Bartonville Hospital High Pitch Alarm0:13

The next clip occurs on the 2nd floor while the group conducted an EVP session.  This location proved to be the most active throughout the night in which there were numerous bangs, noises, voices, and attacks on the group.  At one point, Joey Tito witnessed Rob Johnson being hit with a rock thrown sideways from an open door.  In the next clip, Nicole and Erica hear a high pitch scream/alarm down the hallway heard in real time.  (Warning: Vulgar language)

  • Bartonville Hospital Whoosh EVP0:06

In the next clip, Nicole captured a weird whoosh sound also in the basement while Erica and Nicole were conducting an EVP session not heard in real time.

  • Bartonville Hospital SHH Voice0:13

This proved to be another eventful night with many events happening in real time.  Unfortunately, Lisa Krick was unable to attend therefore Nicole partnered with Joey Tito, Erica Behringer, and Rob Johnson for the investigation. 

While investigating in the basement, the group experienced many strange noises and saw darting shadows in and out of hallways.  In the following clip, Joey & Rob are discussing something they saw down the hallway while Nicole and Erica are in the background.  You will hear something say, "Shh," between the voices that is heard in real time.