Al Grajek

Al grew up on the southwest side of Chicago near the city's largest concentration of cemeteries, including the infamous bachelor's grove location.   al's present work involves transportation and working with the Illinois State Highway System.  al has been in the paranormal field for quite some time, but still remains a skeptic at this time making him an excellent balance while investigating various places.  al is very interested in exploring new places and researching ghostly tales and likes to work on expanding and improving current equipment.

James williams

jim was born on the south side of Chicago, a city that runs deep with story's of the paranormal. After jim graduated High School, he joined the Marine Corps and traveled the world hearing local stories of haunted locations. Some locations he was able to investigate and found strange things taking place.  jim has always felt a connection to the paranormal world and have had some experiences that he cannot explain with logic and science.  he would consider himself a sceptical believer.  jim's goal is to continue to find definitive proof that there is a world beyond our own.  When jim is not investigating he is an Operating Engineer, a National Guardsman, a Volunteer Firefighter, and a Firearms Instructor.  

​​​​​                       NICOLE TITO
Nicole enjoys performing EVP sessions at various locations with fellow teammate Lisa Krick.  Nicole has been a keen believer her entire life reading many books regarding the paranormal.  Throughout her undergraduate career, she encountered many mysterious hauntings at Benedictine University with her dorm window facing the on campus graveyard!

        Nicole was born on March 25 in the lovely and haunted city of Chicago.  She grew up on the Southside of Chicago surrounded by many ghost stories, especially the infamous Resurrection Mary and Bachelor’s Grove tales.  She pursued an undergraduate education at the haunted Benedictine University earning a major in biology and minor in psychology.  From there, she went on to Northwestern University obtaining her doctorate in physical therapy and recently getting her mba.  


 Lisa teamed up with Nicole Tito for an EVP session years ago and got fabulous results, and the two have been a team ever since!  

    Lisa has been experiencing the paranormal her entire life, beginning with her grandparents' house when she was a small child.

    Lisa was born on June 18 in beautiful Beech Grove, Indiana.  As a southsider, she grew up hearing stories of the Hanna House, Central State Hospital, Stepp Cemetery, the House of the Blue Lights, and many other Hoosier haunted tales.  She studied Criminal Justice at IUPUI in Indianapolis.  When she's not reading about serial killers or investigating the paranormal, Lisa spends her time with her  beautiful dog and investigating around the country.